Cathy Fowley

A sense of story, a sense of place: family photo-albums as a tool for intergenerational communication

This workshop will present a current project run by DCU Intergenerational Learning Programme, in partnership with PhotoWings and the University of Northampton, Homeplaces, which endeavors to tell the story of parts of the city and country through photographs from family albums and memories of individuals, in an intergenerational context. The workshop will also draw from previous projects on family albums and autobiographical narratives, where family photographs were shared across generations.

The projects link third level and second level students with older people, around photographs from the older participants’ family albums; the photographs are used as conversation starters and keepers of memories in a series of interviews and conversations between generations. These conversations and stories are recorded by the younger students and produced into a multimedia artefact.

Participants in the workshop are encouraged to bring along an old photograph to engage in a conversation on memory, photography, and the transmission of stories about the places we live in or remember.



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