Invited Speakers


Julia Franz

Universität Tübingen

A systematical perspective on intergenerational learning

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Ann-Kristin Boström

Stockholm University

Lifelong learning and intergenerational learning in different cultures and contexts

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Bernhard Schmidt-Hertha

Universität Tübingen

Intergenerational learning about media within the family

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Trudy Corrigan

Dublin City University

Creating a Programme in Intergenerational Learning in Higher Education as a Contribution to public understanding of the benefits of intergenerational engagement in Europe and around the globe

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Workshop leaders

Kendra Geeraerts

University of Antwerp

Intergenerational knowledge brokerage in school teams

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Cathy Fowley

Dublin City University

A sense of story, a sense of place: family photo-albums as a tool for intergenerational communication

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